Tue - Fri: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
*All Rates are LOA of vessel / ft.  *Rates do not include labor*
*All vessels will require diver to clean bottom upon haul out NO EXCEPTIONS!!!.
*All boats are subject to a $4.50 Environmental Fee on their statement.
*All Contractor's invoices will be subject to additional 30% fee paid to boat yard.
*All supplies brought into the Yard will be surcharged 30%.
*All outside paints brought into the yard will carry a $50/gal. surcharge // Paints must be E.P.A. approved.
*Anyone brought into the yard to work on a boat must have workers comp. & liability insurance.  The Owner will be subject to  $200/person fee*
*No Liveaboards Permitted.
*Under No Circumstances will anyone be allowed to move boat stands.

Labor Rate                              $125.00/hr.
Additional straps (each)       $150.00
Blocking for Spray Rail        $75.00
Bubble Wrap Straps (each) $75.00
Re-Locate: Jack Stands        $150.00
Disposal Fee:                          $75.00
Forestays:                              $Hourly Rate
Any other prep work prior to hauling / launching of vessel will require an added hourly labor rate.

Mast Storage: This applies if mast is not placed on top of the boat.
Length of Mast x $2.50 = monthly rate.

Heavy Scraping: $200.00/hr. Scrape growth & embedded barnacle - 1-hour min.

Survey Haul:
Includes haul, hold in slings / a minimum of 1/2 hr. $100 / each additional 1/2 hour
$12.50 / FT.

Hauling/Block & Launch:
Haul from water, set on stands and re-launch.
44ft. & under $15.00
45 ft. +  $17.00

Truck & Launch (or) Haul out & Truck:
(Minimum (1) hour labor @ $125.00 to assist)
44' and under $ 13.00
45' and over   $15.00

Haul/Block/Truck (1 hr. labor & 1 hr. travel lift) OR
Truck /Block/Launch ($125.00 to assist)
44' and under $14.50
45' and over   $15.50

 Re-Block Boat:
44 ft and under $ 15.00
45 ft and over   $ 17.00

Bottom Painting:
Each job will be from the waterline/down and quoted by time and material. This includes cleaning external strainers, scrape out thru-hulls and prepping bottom. Paint bottom with 2 coats of anti-fouling or hard bottom paint. Storage rates will apply once boat is completed, if not picked up with 24 hours. (Prices do not include zincs)

Equipment Rates:
*Rates below are per hour / Minimum 1 HR Does not include labor charges to assist, rig, etc.*
Compressor         $ 175.00/day
Travel Lift             $ 300.00
Crane                     $ 300.00
Tractor                  $ 150.00
Fork Lift               $ 150.00
Scissor Lift          $ 100.00

Dry Storage: LOA @ $1.75/ft/day (OR) $17.00/ft/month.

Dockage: Daily:   (Boat Only) $ 3.50/ft/day (OR) $17.00/ft/month.

Maximum Storage (2) months.
Over  (2) months are Subject to $2.75/ ft/day untill vessel is removed.

Daily:Electric Water        $12.00
Monthly:Electric/Water $200.00
Trash  $50.00
Utilities /Humidifier /Chg. Battery: $50.00